Maulana Shaikh Shabbir Hasan Maisami

Co-founder of Zahra (s.a) academy and managing for the past 30+ years.
Appointed as Shariah Advisor, State Bank of Pakistan.
Member of Board of Governors of Halal Food Authority Pakistan.
Ex Cheif Operating Officer of Such TV Pakistan (2010-2012).
Participated as a guest of honour on religious and political talks on TV channels and Postgraduate in Masters in Arabic and Islamic Sciences. Also, he has completed three years towards MBBS degree in Karachi.

With the blessings of Almighty (SWT) he has established the following:
1. Multiple centre organization imparting the true teachings of Islam.
2. Developed the syllabus of Islamiyat in English based on moderate, enlightened Islamic teachings now being taught in Schools of Nairobi, Tanzania, Toronto and Karachi.
3. A College named Zahra (S.A) and developed the syllabus of Islamic teachings recognized at Bachelor’s degree level by University of Karachi.
4. A program to educate the younger generation in an interactive manner. It has been developed into a full-fledged syllabus, which is now being followed in various Madaris, the world over.
5. Relief reorganization, active in interiors of Pakistan for providing financial, housing, water and medical assistance to the poverty-stricken population of those regions.
6. Published a monthly magazine ‘The Message’ now in its 14th year of publication.
7. Established an Islamic Banking Training Institute, providing diploma to students and recognized by the Skills Development Council of Pakistan.
8. The First summer camps worldwide as Mazhab Shinasi having more than 25000 alumni world over.

Books are written by Sheikh Shabbir H. Maisami:
1. Islamic Financial Responsibility (Eng)
2. Islamic Personality (Eng)
3. Understanding the School of Ijtehad (Eng)
4. طهارة الانسان (Arabic)
5. انسان پاک ہے (Urdu)
6. نماز اطمینان قلب کا ذریعہ (Urdu)
7. اسلامی تربیت (Urdu)
8. ہدیۃ الصالحین (Urdu)