1) A big problem in my marriage is the lack of intimacy. I really don’t know what I should do regarding this issue. I have prayed, done istikhara and tried to explain this on number plus occasions to my husband. But most of the time I am rejected in intimacy and it doesn’t improve. Please can you give some advise to me regarding this.

2) How to navigate arguments with my husband. We have only been married a year but persistently fight to the extent I feel our marriage will breakdown. Recently we went to umrah and I made dua for our marriage however the arguments are not stopping. Is it possible to do istikhara on guidance with regards to my marriage? If so how do I do that?

1) This is difficult to address from my perspective because this lack of intimacy can often reflect some underlying issues. That being said, it is best to seek counsel from a family or marriage therapist who can work through this with both of you.
You are in my prayers

2) Istikhara is not meant for these things, it is for situations when a decision cannot be made due to complete uncertainty. In your case, you should try to seek counseling or professional help that will solve your marital problems