1) A girl, when she was (age removed) years old was sexually assaulted by (removed). Maybe twice or thrice. She didn’t tell about it to anyone, not even her parents. She didn’t even know whether she is a virgin or she lost her virginity because of the assault. The incident happened years back so she don’t know anything. Till now nobody knows about it except her and one of her friends. Now that girl is in her (age removed)’s. Is it wajib upon her to tell about this to the person she is getting married to?

2) When that incident happened, she was very young. She didnt even know wht happend with her was wrong (because she didn’t talk about it to anyone) or that ghusl had become wajib on her. She offered all her prayers without performing the ghusl. Now when she knows it, does she have to offer all those namaz again ?

1) No. She does not have to tell, except if the virginity is taken as a condition in the marriage contract or she gave the image that she is virgin.
However, it is better to be frank with him, because he will soon find out that she is not virgin.

2) What type of assault it was? Was it full intercourse, or with finger? If it was full intercourse, or insertion of the penis tip, then she had janabah, and needs to offer the prayers took place since she completed 9 lunar years, till she had the first ghusl. If the assault was with finger only, then no need for ghusl. There is one more thing, she can can get examined by a female doctor to verify whether she is virgin or not, before revealing it to her fiance.