1) A shia told me that we would not recognize anyone in Jannah. Does that mean we would not be united with dead loves ones? Sunnis say women will have their worldly husbands. Is the shia view very different to the sunni view?

2) A sunni muslim I’m good friends with, says all Muslims eventually go to Jannah. They may be punished in Jahannam for a fixed period, but eventually they will be forgiven. Is this true?

1) No that’s not true. Allah will unite the believers in Jannah and they would recognize each other. Spouses will be given the option to be together in Jannah.

See Surah Ghafir verse 8

2) Muslims who died with complete faith yes, eventually they will go to Jannah. But Muslims who died with incomplete faith may not go to Jannah. There are Muslims who lead evil lives and at the moment of death they lose their faith and die without complete faith. Such Muslims may not go to Jannah.
We also have hadiths that any Muslim who has hatred for the Ahlulbayt (a) in his heart will not be entitled to Jannah