1) Allah with his infinite knowledge choose Muhammad (saw) as messenger. Based on His infinite knowledge, He knew he would use his free will in the best way to make efforts but now I wonder that even if there is no explanation for us, for Allah there is since he created us with free will. So why do some use their free will better and become great people close to Allah while some dont? It can’t be possible that Allah made some free will more inclined to do something. So how could it be explained? Would I be able to get an answer in the hereafter?

2) In the world of particles for example, with everyone having a free will, what is the thing that made some acknowledge our Lord faster than others?

3) Does this mean Allah created us different ?

1) Everyone has equal free will. No one had more freewill than others. Everyone is judged by Allah, and Allah knows what’s in the hearts.

2) People are different, some accept the truth some don’t. Just like we see in this life.

3) We are all created with different potentials, but we all have the capacity to accept the truth or reject it.