1) Am I allowed to ask a question to another Marja if I can’t find the question on his (SIstani) site and I fear that my question won’t be answered in time if I ask on his site.

2) If it is like a specific action in prayer or if it is like the celebration of an event it just some general halal haram thing and not something you are able to repeat. Would I get the sin for doing it if it’s halal according to who I ask but I find out later according to al Sistani it is haram or not allowed?

1) You can do that, but if you find out later that his fatwa differs from what you did, then you must repeat the work, if it is something that is made up, such as prayer for example.
2) If you were forced at that time, and you were not able to obtain the fatwa of your reference, and you obtained the fatwa of another reference, and applied it, then you are not a sinner.