1) Are Imam Hasan (as) and Imam Hussain (as) classed as Sayed because they're the sons of Sayeda Zahra (sa) and if yes, then hat are the other children of Imam Ali (as) classes as who descended from his other wives?

2) And Are Awans Sayed? Because many awan shias claim that they're the descendants of Hazrat Abbas (as) and are Sayed. But I read somewhere that Awans are the descendants of Banu Kalabbiya ( the kabila to which Bibi Ummul Baneen (sa), the mother of Ghazi Abbas (as) belong)

1) Yes both Imams Hassan and Hussain are Sayeds, and all the other children of Imam Ali from other wives are also Sayeda.

2) If it’s proven that they are indeed the descendants of Abal Fadhl al-Abbas, then yes they would be considered Sayeds.