1) As per the ruling, while doing ghusl in shower i need to compulsorily move in a way that it can be said that i am washing my body in sequence and not just stand still in the shower right?

2) If i dont use much hands to wipe my body but instead i hold the hand shower in hand and move it to places i am washing, then ghusl is valid?

3) If during washing the body with hand shower, i put water in the palm from hand shower and put it to areas for washing, then anything wrong in that for ghusl?

1-Yes as for precaution a person should close the Tab or shower after completing one part of the body during Ghusl or if he/she is under shower come out and then wash another part of his/her body.
2-During Ghusl water should reach to all body parts and for that purpose sometimes we use our hands to make sure all parts are washed well otherwise if water can reach without doing that it would be sufficient even if we don’t rub our hands.
3- Yes you can do that.