1. At what age does a girl start wearing hijab and to start praying? To my knowledge I heard until they complete nine years old. My daughter started wearing hijab to school alhumdiallah but sometimes I don’t let her wear it when we go to the park to play. She is wearing it to get used to the idea. She is also praying here and there. Is it wajib now for her to wear it or until she complete nine years old.

2. Do we do ghusl as well when a person had a sex dream and orgasm while sleeping but woke up amidst of the dream and felt everything. Does this apply both to female and male?

1) he must start observing hijab and salah at the age of nine lunar years.

2) If no ejaculation takes place in the case of a man and discharge in the case of a female no Ghusul is required. Only Sayed Fadlullah says that a woman does not have a similar ejaculation like a man and therefore she does not require a Ghusul regardless except after intercourse. Sayyed Sistani says if a woman engages in foreplay and she has a discharge or sees a wet dream then in both cases she needs to have Ghusul