1) Can a women divorce a man for marrying a second wife or if they do mutah w/o permission?

2) Can she do a khul divorce if she put in the contract that she doesn’t want him to marry a second wife and can she do it without the contract stipulation?

3) Can a women in anyway ensure that a man won’t marry a second wife in a contract. Can she then divorce the man if he breaks a stipulation

1) No

2) No. In order for the khul’ to be valid, it is stipulated that the woman hates the husband with a hatred that does not establish the limits of God with him and does not obey his command, so she gives him money to divorce her. If he accepts that and divorces her, it is fine, otherwise she cannot divorce herself.

3) The answer is no for both questions. She can divorce herself only if she stipulated in the marriage contract that she be his representative to divorce herself if he married another woman.