1. Can Shaitan read our thoughts?
2. Can the angels Rakeeb and Ateeb on our shoulders read our thoughts?
3. Are we judged on our thoughts too? For example, a bad thought crossed our mind, is that a sin?
4. Which part of us control our thoughts, our nafs or our souls?
5. Sometimes some bad unpleasant thoughts cross our mind…for example of pride or evil thoughts, but we know that we are not that kind of person as we are humble in nature, we say astaghfirullah, will we be penalised for that thought.

1. Shaitan cannot read your thoughts. However he is able to influence your thoughts.
2. The angles cannot read our thoughts. Their duties are to record what we do of good or bad
3. We are not judged by our thoughts. We are Judged mainly by our actions. Thoughts lead to actions. Therefore it’s important we try to manage our thoughts by remembering Allah
4. Nafs controls our thoughts. Remember intellect plays role of analysing within our systems
5. You will not be penalised so long as you do not act on the thoughts. Keep remembering Allah to reduce negative thoughts