1) Can you tell me a short dua (easy to remember) that we should recite it after our daily obligatory prayers. Whenever I finish my namaz I make dua for everyone saying the name of everyone & it consumes a lot of time so I was looking for a dua which includes evrything.

2) Reciting the Quran/or any Ziyarat on the mobile phone & reciting it on the book has the same reward?

3) If we pray nafil e hajaat (prostrating to Allah) & at the end in the dua we ask to any Holy Imam a.s, is it correct ? -What does doing 'hadiya' really mean ?

4) The shia way of namaz ends in the tasbi of Bibi Zahra (s.a), right ? Or is there any more sujood in the end after the tasbi ?

1- The best dua after every Wajib Namaz is Taqibaat of Namaz you may find in any app exam Dua.org or Shia Toolkit and Sahifa etc. Also no need to take everyone’s name you can hayat say I recite this Dua from my parents grand parents brothers and sisters and all those who has done favor upon me and all Momenin and Momenaat.

2- It has same Sawab there is no difference.

3- We can ask our dua and even we must ask our dua’s with the Wasila of Aimma Taherin (a.s). Yes you can pray Namaz for all Aimmah for more detail you can refer Mafateeh al Jinan at the end it has mentioned how to recite Namaz Hadiya e 14 Masoomin (a.s).

4-We have many Hadith regarding Tasbeeh of Bibi Fatima Zahra (a.s) we must recite Tasbeeh after every wajib namaz just after Tashahhud and Salam then you can do Last Sajda e Shukr at the end.