1) Do I pay khums on fake jewellery?

2) The thing is my mother said to give him the jewellery, so my question is can I just give my unreal jewellery to my mother without giving khums it or first I have to pay khums on it then give to my mother?

3) Do I pay khums on clothes that I do not want to wear them because they are not my size or do not like to wear them and want to through them away or give them to someone?

4) Do I pay khums on my wedding dress that I wear during my marriage once in the first year but did not wear again? I keep it may be wear some other time during someone marriage or party etc.

5) Do pay khums on clothes that I wore in the first year but did not remember how many times? then keep it to wear when going someone’s house for a visit etc?

6) I would like to know for example I buy clothes and wear them regularly in the first year and then did not wear those clothes for two years, do I pay khums on those clothes or not ?

7) Do I pay khums on gold jewellery that I wore once or twice in the first year but after did not wear them?

8) Do I pay khums on old clothes that I wore regularly but no longer want to wear them?

1) Yes, if it remained new, unused, and has market value.

2) You can, but you still need to pay the khoms.

3) If you gave them a way in the same year, no need to pay khoms.

4) If it is not going to be used again, then yes.

5) No.

6& 7) If you dispensed with these clothes, and from this gold, in the same year of purchase, that is, you will not use them again, then the khoms must be paid in its current value.
And if you are saving it, and you will use it in the future, then the khoms is not obligatory.

8) No.