1) Do you have any recommendation of books that teach the deep meaning and interpretation of the surah’s and ayat’s of the Holy Quran?

2) Do you have any recommendation or tips on how to study the Quran and it’s tafseer? How can one completely memorize the Quran and it’s true meaning?

1) There are several. Tafseer al-amthul by Shaykh Nasir Makarem, Tafseer al-Mizan by Allamah Tabatabaei, and others as well.

2) There are many ways, but they should all involve understanding. So, you can pick a word like sabr and see how it is used in different ayahs. Or understand the connection between words like qalb and iman, and how they describe human nature. Memorization is not easy, and it might not be what is most important. Instead it is better to understand and apply the Quran