1) For non meat products, are we supposed to check the ingredients all the time, for ingredients that may have alcohol or animal material or something not allowed.

2) I was look at ingredients of nuts and it said it may have some fish ingredients. Upon research it looked like the fish food category was inclusive of haraam fish. Am I allowed to eat these nuts?

3) About Qiblah : after seeing the direction can I pray everyday at home without having to use a compass to exactly see the direction when I know the direction by head but not 100%

1- You are not obligated to check all the ingredients, but it is a recommended precaution to do so (of course not to a point where one is becoming excessive).

2- If you are sure that it includes fish ingredients from haram fish, then you cannot eat it.

3- As long as you are reasonably accurate then yes. You don’t need to use the compass every time.