1) For some reason, evertime I sin, I don’t feel guilty, no guilt, and I know that you’re supposed to feel guilty, but I don’t, I just do it and don’t care.

2) I stopped praying a couple of months ago, because I know that if the prayers don’t come from the heart, then they don’t count. I stopped because I saw no point of praying if it doesn’t count

1) Alhumdulillah still now you are saying I’m not feeling guilt after commuting sin that means you are aware that what will be the reaction of person after sin. You realized that it is not right

2) There is no love or attraction in Ibadah. Don’t worry please get up with strong faith, it is shaitan who is restricting you

Here I recommend you few things
Try to be in the state of wudhu
Try to eat food at home and from the place where you are sure that it is halal and pure
Refrain from doubtful food
Keep distance with bad friends
Try to be in the company of good people