1) He's not sure how much was taken over the years since it was over such a long period of time.

2) Can it be given in saddqa in their name on thier behalf even of the person is still alive?

3) What if he doesn't have these funds available as it as amounted to a large number over the years.

4) These funds weren't taken from anyone personally it was through a bussniess they worked at over a long time frame. If it is a large corporation where there is no direct contact to someone ( for example apple or Samsung), how can he pay this back. Can he donate to them directly or a charity they sponsor or what do you sugguest

5) if person connot be found our made contact with what should he do? meaning he doesnt even know who they are he just knows they owned some percentage of bussines at some point but doesnt know where to locate them or what the percentage they owned was

6) If they fear it will cause issues within the family, can they just pay this in sadiqa as he is insisting he rather just pay it in sadiqa on their behalf because it may cause issues because these is multiple different family members involved and it could get out of hand and cause them to grow apart or hatred even between them.

7) If they forgive him for all his past mistakes and say it's ok dont worry about it I forgive you

8) If one cant reach one of these people and he pays sadiqa on their behalf but later in a couple years or whatever they get in touch with them what is one to do in this situation

9) Also when we ask for forgiveness in general, do we have to be specific? Or can it just be broad and general, just asking for forgiveness for anything and everything I have ever done to wrong you. Like in his case would he have to be specific and say forgive me for taking such and such from you

1) He can depend on best estimation.

2) No. He can not give it as sadaqa on their behalf, except if he does not know who they are, or if he is not able to reach them or their inheritors, by any means.

3) He can pay gradually.

4) For such huge non-Muslim corporations, no need except tawba

5) he can make best estimation, and pay it as sadaqa on their behalf.

6) As explained before, he can return the money as gift. It is not necessary to tell what happened.

7) If they forgive him, then he do not need to worry.

8) He can tell him that he paid the amount as sadaqa on his behalf. If he accepted, then fair enough.

9) He have to be specific, as this is material issue not immaterial like talking about him in his absence.