1• How do we know that wilayat al faqih is approved by Allah swt is there any proof?
2• I often get told that my Aqida is not good because my marja is Sayed Khamanai and that he doesn’t have a right to do a Islamic state and be the wali that’s only for the imam aj.
3• Is there any rules in following a marja how are we supposed to know which one s the perfect or the right one to follow aren’t they all right?
I’m starting to get really confused and need help understanding.

1) Wilayatul Faqih means that in the ghaybat of the Imam (as), a mujtahid has some of the functions that are required in a Muslim society such as right of distribution of inheritance, marriage and divorce rights, and so on.

2) Marja is followed in Fiqh rules. It is everyone’s own responsibility to research their aqidah and make sure it is correct therefore that is unrelated to the matter of taqlid.

3) The rules of following a marja are mentioned in the beginning of the risalah of all the maraje and are almost identical.