1) I am a revert to Islam and I have found out recently that you are not allowed to eat from the hand on non Muslim? I am still living with my parents and they don’t know about me being a Muslim. Can you please shed a light on this topic.

2) Is it only the food or does clothing and cooking materiel such as pots and plate count?

1) If you parents are Christians/Jews, then they are considered pure and you can eat anything they touch with wet hands.

But if they are or a different religion, then technically their body is not pure. If they touch food with wet hands, you have to wash the food with water before eating it.

2) It includes everything
But you don’t have 100% certainty they made it najes
Consider everything pure unless you know it’s najes
And even if it’s najes it’s ok to touch it, just make sure to wash your hands before praying