1) I am a Software Developer by professional. I develop mobile games and applications. A client of mine wants me to develop a card game specifically Poker. What is the decree of Ayatollah Sistani about this. Am I allowed to develop such game? Earning from this game is Halal or Haram? Also if it is not permissible can I hire someone else and ask him to do it and split the earning?

2) Also there are other situations such as a person wants me to develop a simple game let’s say a quiz game where people can bet game currency (coins) not real money to compete with each other. Is it okay to develop such games?

3) What if people buy game currency with their real money, bet the game currency and withdraw real money equivalent to the game currency?

1- No for both parts.
2- If it is not gambling, then no problem.
3- If it is considered waste of resources, then it is not permitted.