1) I am at school usually in the hours for zhur and asr, but Im usually able to sneak away for 5-10 minutes and pray each of them on time (the fardz rakats), but I am not able to pray the nafl prayers (8 rakats). Is it possible to pray these qaza, or after their prescribed time? (So after I am home and pray my maghrib prayer)

2) Should the nafl prayers for maghrib and isha be recited out loud (surah fatiha and Ikhlas) as they are when praying the farz rakat of the prayers?

3) How to perform nafl of isha sitting? Do you just pray it like regular 2 rakat nafl prayer but sitting? So that would be 2 times you should go down in sajood? (And is it counted as 1 rakat, because if not that would be 52 rakats prayed in a day, not 51)

1) Try to pray before but if because of school timing you are unable to pray then you can pray later

2) Nawafils are recommended to recite silently

3) Like two rakat you are praying while standing but difference is praying while sitting and this two consider as one