1) I had a question about time. Does change actually exist, or is it just an illusion, because since Allah swt is changeless, his belief about his creation must be changeless also I would assume right? Another way to put it is because Allah swt is outside of time, from his perspective, is all of creation already in existence, because there is no future for him?

2) Since Allah swt is all knowing, and has knowledge of all things, and His knowledge cannot change as it is part of his essence, would this then mean that the things he knows about can’t change either?

1) Allah is definitely changeless because He is neither limited by time nor by space.

Change exist in relation to creatures because we are limited by time and by space.

Allah is beyond change because He created it

2) Allah has authority over everything. It’s like a coin in your hand. You turn it the way you want.
Allah turn the world according to needs and not anyhow for the sake of turning it