1) I had few questions regarding love. Is it haram or halal? If it’s halal why haven’t I come across one yet and never felt it? I don’t want arranged marriage, if I fix and take care of 50% of my religion which is in my hand and leave the 50% marriage part of Allah, will Allah open doors for me? Is it a good plan?

2) My second question is regarding hajat and duas. They say a dua will get accepted if it’s legitimate. My hajat is to get a spouse from a certain country. Is my Dua legitimate. I mean it doesn’t make a difference for Allah if I’m married to anyone from any country as long as the spouse is good. So is my Dua legitimate? And people might say it’s not for your khair? First woman isn’t, second isn’t, third isn’t but out of millions from that country one might be in my khair. Will my Dua get accepted if I believe in it?

1) Real love comes with marriage and through a good relationship. Before that it’s lust which is mistakenly referred to as love. There’s nothing wrong with parents or others assisting in finding the right person who matches your personality. Calling it arranged or assisted.

2) If your prayers are for something good it’s legitimate. However God answers with what is best not just khair