1) I have cryptocurrency investments currently and my question is when it comes time for me every year to pay Khums then do I have to sell my investments in cryptocurrency and pay Khums on it or do I only pay Khums on it when it is on hand after I sell the investments for profit?

2) The amount of profit I make on my cryptocurrency investments changes every second as the price fluctuates and the amount of profit I have made is not final until I have sold it. I also do not have access to the money invested unless I sell it. Would I still have to pay Khums on it at that moment in time or is it permissible to wait until I sell the investment and pay the Khums on the profits all a once?

3) do I have to pay Zakat on my Cryptocurrency investments as well?

1) The amount you own in cryptocurrency must be calculated part of the khums. So you consider what you have as a profit (if you made a profit), and you pay 20% of the profits as khums. You can pay this khums from other cash that you have, or you can sell some crypto to pay the khums.

2) You still have to pay khums on cryptocurrency. On the date of your khums year, you check the value of your cryptos, and in the moment if you have a profit, you must pay khums on that profit. You can either sell cryptos in the amount of the khums, or pay the amount from cash that you have.

3) Zakat is not mandatory on cryptocurrency.