1) I have few clothes that I wore two or three time but I no longer want to wear them because it is see through fabric do I need to pay khums on these clothes or no?

2) I would like to know if someone have doubt or do not really remember whether the clothes that she have been worn in the past or not in this case does she have to pay khums on those clothes or not?

3) I would like to know how many time one need to wear clothes in order not to pay khums on it wearing one time suffice or need to wear more times? I would like to know how many times?

4) Do we pay khums on shroud (kafan) that we keep for future in case dying?

1) No since you already wore them

2) It’s better to pay it for the sake of precaution

3) Once is enough. As long as one could say they used the clothes

4) Yes