1) I have heard that once a person becomes 70 or 70 years old she do not need to fast is this true or false?

2) So someone has been sick and on medication for several years which means she was not able to fast for several years and neither she is able to fast now and neither she paid the fidya for past missed fast. Does she have to pay fidya of past several years now that she did not fast? And also will she be excused by Allah (SWT) for not fasting in the past and neither able to fast now for being sick and on medication?

3) Based on above situation for question 2 so if the person dies should the living family member pay someone to perform fast on her behalf for missed fast that she did not perform while she was sick when she was alive or no?

1. A person must fast until their age prevents them from doing so, there is specific age
2. If the sickness that prevented her from fasting continued from one month of Ramadhan to the next then those fasts do not have to be made up but a fidyah must be paid
3. No need for make up but the fidyah should be paid