1) I intend to go to umrah with my wife and baby of 9 months age. The baby is not circumcised as of now , please advise if taking baby along will have any issues on the umrah.
Also can baby be taken inside the Haram ?

2) We are traveling from madinah to Makah in train. Can we wear Ihram from Madina Hotel and do niyah when we pass through meekat as train won’t stop at meekat ?

3) If one travels by train during day then please clarify if I have to do a sacrifice? And also the sacrifice can be goat or sheep? Can I make this sacrifice anywhere or has to be in Makah only? And who to distribute?

1) There is no problem with that

2) If you must do so then it should be with the intention of nadhr

3) Yes, if the head was covered then a sheep must be given as kaffarah based on obligatory precaution. If it cannot be done in Mina then it is fine to do it when you return