1) I made for example 50k profit and paid khums on this money. I took this 50k and I put downpayment on a house and bought some furniture and some necessaries. The next year I sell the house for 100k but I buy another home Instead with that 100k there is no khums on this added 50k correct? I bought the 2nd house before my next khums date

2) If I had 50k and I khums this money then I spend it then I start to save up to by a home and I reach this 50k agian but with the intention of buying a home with these funds doesn't count agianst replenishment

3) would I saved 50k I paid khums on this 50k but then spent all the money throughout the year but by the end of khums year I managed to save back up to 50k once agian, do I pay khums on these or is there now a threshold of 50k no no matter how many times I spend and then save back up to 50k there won't be khums?

1) After paying the Khoms of the 50k, the remaining is 40k, not 50k. However, as you said, you do not need to pay the khoms of the 60k.

2) If you paid the khoms of 50k (10k), then the net amount you have is 40k, not 50k. Regardless your intention, If you spent this amount the next year, you can replenish it from the earnings of that year. If you again spent the amount in something other than buying the home, then, it is gone.

3) Recycling is exempted once only. Hence, if you spent the recycled amount, then you can not replenish it again.