1) I sometimes get blood from my pimples. Sometimes without knowing that my pimple is bleeding, I make wudu, and then I realise that there was blood on my face. I end up washing my face and purifying it, but I would like to know, do I need to wash the inside of my mouth too, because, the impurity didnt directly go into my mouth. Its just that my face was wet and my mouth was wet, so they the najis wettness came into comtact with the wetness in my mouth. Does that make the inside of my mouth also impure since the two wetnesses were connected?

2) If I swollow something nejis, like blood, what is the ruling on that, because according to sayid sistani, the inner parts of the body will be tahir as soon as the nejasa is taken out, but if I had already swollowed it, I’m not able to take it out, and then everything inside my body is damp/wett, so even if i wash my mouth, wouldnt the nejasa travel from my stomach to my mouth and make my mouth nejis again?

1) The inside of your mouth will not become impure and you do not need to purify it.

2) If the blood in your mouth is a lot then just spit it out. If you swallowed it then it is ok, you are not najis and you don’t need to do anything further