1) I took a loan which I spent to purchase a piece of land on my wife’s name. Can you please guide, how much khums is due for me with regards to this piece of land?

I already own a piece of land on my name which I bought and had paid khums on that.

2) Also if the price of this piece of land increases, do I need to pay khums again?

3) On the khums date I will have money in the bank account but that will be loan money, not savings. Will khums be due on that money also?

1) You need to pay khums on this land and also any saving left there after on khums date.

2) No khums on increase of price till it is sold and encashed and khums date comes after sale of the land. Then also it is on the increase only, if any.

3) Any loan money not returned and is in your control is liable to khums