1) I want to know how much qaza I have to pray and fast. I started praying since I was 9 but many a times I just act like praying instead of actually praying. I did same in ramdan also but I have no idea how many times I broke my fast secretly. I did this a lot but I don’t know the number. All I remember is that when I was in highschool I started doing it right.

In 2019 I learned new things like the rules which must be followed in namaz, sadja sahu etc and things which invalidates namaz or fast I never paid attention to these before. For the years when I prayed namaz but incorrectly because of lack of knowledge, do I have to make qaza for all those too?

Please help me with this calculation I’m really confused.

3) Can you please tell me how to offer these qaza. Is there some quick way to pray these?

1) If you know the number of invalid prayers you have to follow it. Otherwise approximate calculation that brings you certainty is enough. Like 5 years of qaza and start praying.
Allah knows the best.

2) Yes

3) There is no quick way except you can skip the recommended things of namaz.