1) I want to know the position of my father in law in my life. He is saying that after marriage he is my father and if he said no for to meet my own parents thn it's mandatory on me.

2) Is permissible in Islam that one can take back the thing which they give in marriage?

3) Further, what will be the scenario if they take those ornaments by me saying that they will keep safely in locker as I don't have any almirah in my room?

1) He do not have any rights upon you.

2) No right to take any thing from you, except the gifts he gave you and you did not apply any changes to them, provided that he is not your relative. If he is your relative (uncle, cousin..etc), then he has no right to take back the gifts.

3) He has no right to keep them in his safe, except if you requested him to do.