1) I would like to know about rings and pendants which have Ayaats engraved on them, like we have rings which have Ayat engraved on the stone and there are some pendants which have Ayat ul Kursi etc. Does one have to be in Wudu for these to wear? Can I wear them even when I don’t have wudu? I am clean but without wudu?

2)Also, I would like to ask about stones. I’ve read that I am capricorn and my stone is Garnet (یاقوت) but to be honest, I do not believe that stones have any effect on our lives. But what is the best stone to wear? I have read Hadith about Aqeeq.

3) Is Hadeed a good stone to wear?

1) If you are not in wudhu you should not touch the Quranic verses. If it is hidden in the ring or in a place that you cannot touch easily it is okay to wear.

2) We have some hadith that says stones do have an impact the best of which is probably Aqeeq.

3) Hadeed is also good.