1) I would like to know that can I marry a guy I like and he likes me back but we both are young right now and can’t financially support each other or can’t buy a house. So can we get the nikah done in our parents presence and then when the guy is financially capable or when the girl is financially capable, then they can move in separately? Also can they perform sexual relationship after the nikah but before rukhsati?

2) Can I stay at my own parents house and my parents can my parents help me financially before me and my husband could move in together? Is the husband obligated to pay for my expenses after marriage?

3) What can we do if we both aren’t old enough to pay each others expenses. We both are in college. How can we marry?

1) If your father agreed, then yes, and by saying the contract, you will be his wife, and you can do what you want.

2) Yes. It is possible. It is up to them. However, your husband is responsible for your expenses once the marriage takes place.

3) If some body will take care of you both, such as your family, or your husband family, then you can marry.