1. I’d like to know the rights and responsibilities of a husband over his wife , and the rights and responsibilities of a wife over her husband?

2. The best way to keep and maintain a healthy relationship that both husband and wife are pleased and happy emotionally and mentally with one another?

3. How you could apply this to your future spouse you are going to marry?

4. I the husband/ future husband does not like something or doesn’t agree with something his wife/ future wife does, is going to do or wants to do then what is the best way to put this across and come to that understanding that the wife/future wife agrees and understands? e.g if the husband/ future husband does not like the idea of his wife/future wife going out alone more than he thinks is right then how would this be something you’d have your wife/future wife to acknowledge and understand.

5. If an argument takes place and the wife/future wife is angry and does not understand without refusing to talk or being aggressive , what’s the best manner the husband/ future husband should deal with this to calm her down and bring her to understand the situation?

6. In what ways can you move together towards islam to improve on ourselves with each other and to help one another become more knowledgeable and aware about our religion?

7. What’s the best way to maintain and keep a happy, trusting and loving relationship?

1- The husband must provide food, shelter, clothing and other appropriate expenses for his wife. He must be decent with her. He must also spend the night with her at least one night every 4 nights (unless she’s ok with him not sleeping in her house for more than that). The wife must make herself available to him whenever he needs, and she cannot leave the house without his permission. Of course, he must be reasonable in saying no (must have a legitimate reason).

2- See each other as one time. Never make personal attacks. Constantly show love and appreciation for each other. Forgive each other. Not involve the in-laws.

3- Look for good qualities in them, such as: being humble, communicating well, caring about parents and siblings (it’s a good indicator), knowing how to control anger, and being committed to religion. These are important qualities to look for.

4- They can put conditions now. The wife can put the condition that she can leave whenever she wants without his permission. They can also assign an arbiter whom they both respect, and in times of dispute, this person can resolve the dispute.

5- Choose the right timing. Say words of love and assurance to her. Then discuss the situation.

6- Both seek religious knowledge. Take online hawza classes. Read books together and discuss them. Read Dua Kumayl and Dua Nudbah together.

7- Always be honest and respectful. Always remember Allah is watching. Every morning both tell themselves they will try to live like Imam Ali (a) and Lady Fatima (a).