1) I’ve been wanting to memorise the Qur’an for quite some time now and InshaAllah I’ll be starting soon. One of the things I want to make sure is that I do this for the exclusive sake of Allah and nothing else, it would of course be a horrible shame and frankly an insult to use the Qur’an for some worldly purpose.

But the issue I’ve encountered is that there’s a lot of social prestige around being a hafidh, and sadly I’m but a simple human and I get attracted to such things. So my question is how do I make sure I do hifdh for the solely the sake of Allah SWT?

2) Can we gift the reward of memorising part of/the whole Qur’an? Specifically to the ma3sumeen

1) Having a pure niyyah is the key to everything we do, especially our worship. This exists in our hearts and is cultivated by only giving value to Allah and His pleasure with us. Thus, the first step is to increase asking forgiveness of Allah, this is the position of humility. Then reduce the desire for worldly things and the unnecessary company of people, this creates emptiness that is filled with Allah’s remembrance. Insha-Allah this will help along with reading and understanding the Quran.

2) You can dedicate the blessing of that mustahab act to anyone.