1- If a girl got married and for 7 years and didn’t concieve ,as there were very up and downs in life , after 7 years she ask for khulla, is she entitled to get any amount of mehr as she wasn’t given during the wedding?

2- Same khulla problem but due to torture from the husband and family the girl came to her parents house. The boys side are asking to take khulla as they don’t want to give mehr?

3- Third situation is a wife with 2 kids with what ever reason left the house and went to her parents house later realised and want to come back but the boy side family is refusing to accept her nor even paying her child support. They want to give the girl divorce but the girl don’t want to get divorce she want to live with her husband. The husband dont want her any more.

1- If she hates her husband to the extent that she do not fulfill his rights an do not obey him at all, then khulla is possible.
Hwever, In the case of khulla, he can ask her to give up all her dowry, if he has not paid her anything of it, and to return it if he had paid it to her, and he may ask her to give a greater amount than that to divorce her, if she wants khulla, she must pay what he requests.

2- If her husband is really abusive to her, and he does not live with her in a kind manner, then she can raise her order to the Marja'a or his representative, so he orders him to live with her kindly and kindly to her, and to spend on her, and if he does that, the matter is over, and if he is not satisfied, or he said I will do, and he did not do, then the Marja'a or his representative would warn him, and if he did not obey, the Marja'a will divorce her from him, and in this case he must pay her all her rights.

3- In this case also, the matter is referred to the Marja'a or his representative, who orders him to return her or divorce her. If he refuses the both options, and refuses to spend on her, the Marja'a divorces her from him, and he must pay her her dowry if he has not paid it to her.