1) If I cannot keep balance in Salah and move a little should I repeat the dhikr ? How much movement is allowe during qiraat? What about minor movements ?

2) How to treat dhan (doubt) in Salah. For example in sujood I am 90% sure it’s my first sajdah with the way I am praying and thinking

3) If there is spit or little voice from my mouth and it makes a little mouth sound do I have to do sajdah sahv?

4) Am I allowed to say Alhamdulilah after sura hamd when praying alone in dhohr and asr?

1) There is nothing wrong with minor movements.Also no need to repeat any zikr.

2) Concentrate in Namaz which need practice. You can’t get it at sudden but yes you could do that by keeping it in your practice.

3) If you have spoken something in Namaz knowingly and it has meaning then do Sajdah Sahve.

4) You are allowed to say Alhamdolillah but normally we dont say when we pray furada.