1) If I make mutah nikah with a Christian, how should I behave regarding her faith? Should I respect her Christianity, should I attend church with her without doing shirk, could she wear a cross and do whatever she wants with no problems, or are there some further conditions?

2) Who is more important for us, Fatima (a.) or Mary (a.)?

3) Which type of veil did Mary, Fatima, and Zaynab (peace be upon them) used to wear?

4) Are the Christian drawings showing the neck of Mary considered haram?

1- She can wear a cross and she can go to church, but if you going to church is seen as supporting their beliefs then you should not go. Respect her faith, don’t insult it, but feel free to have discussions with her about the problematic aspects of modern Christianity like the trinity.

2- Fatima (a)

3- They wore what we call an Abaya or cloak. It covers the body from head to toe.

4- The Christian drawings are inaccurate and honestly disrespectful to Lady Mary (a). One should not have such drawings at home (those that show her neck).!