1) If I’m talking to a non mahram, and we talk about our health is it alright?

2) If we talk about our bodies, is it haram? Like for example, if a non mahram woman tells a non mahram man, I have a scratch on my foot, is it haram? Like things like that?

3) Like for example, if she shows me her weight, is it haram? On a picture like she stands on the thing, but I don’t see her feet.

4) If I like talk to her about her health, I tell her you need to eat, take your medication…

If for example a non mahram women tells a non mahram men that her hair is becoming X for example, is there a problem?

If it doesn’t lead to vile consequences?

5) Finally if a non mahram woman tells a non mahram man that she has her cycle, is it haram?

6) If a non mahram asks how is she doing during the cycle is it haram?

1- If it’s strictly professional and no “charming” words or sensational words are used it is ok

2- If it is appropriate and not provocative and doesn’t describe the body in an inappropriate way it’s ok. Saying there is a scratch on my foot is ok.

3- If you are a doctor and need to know her weight it’s ok. But if she is just showing you her weight without a purpose, it should be avoided.

4- If it’s to seek advice for treatment it’s ok

5- If she is asking a religious or medical question because she needs advice it’s ok. Otherwise it must be avoided.