1. If my body is najis with ayn e najasat and I purify my body with qaleel water 3 times so is my washroom najis? If I wash the najasat with my hand shower, is the droplets najis that is falling?
2. In the rainy season there are stray dogs that are present in our road and after rain, the dogs roam around so the people and vehicles going from there are they najis ? And they are going to different locations so the path which they are travelling are najis?
3. If I am 80% sure that an object is najis but not 100% Should I consider it paak?

1- If the particles of ayn e najis is not seen in tbe droplets then its not najis. If after washing water remains at the same place then yes but if its flowing then it would not be najis.
3- Rain can make pak the surface if there is no traces of Ayn e najis remained on the surface. But if a wet dog splashes and you get the droplets then your clothes will become najis. But we can not consider all the city or buildings najis by just this assumption that a wet dog has passes here and there.
3- If you are not 100% sure about anything that its najis then you can treat it as Pak.