1) Is Imam al Mahdi seeing us? I have heard this in a majlis. Is this true?
2) I have also heard that every Thursday night our naama e aamaal (book of aamal) goes to Imam e Zamana. Is this true?
3) If Imam is seeing us everytime then why he needs to look at our naama e aamal (book of aamal) ? Imam’s memory is not like us then why?
4) Also if imam is seeing us everytime. everywhere.
Isn’t this the attribute of Allah (swt)? So isn’t this shirk?

1. Imam sees us as and when it’s needed through the permission of Allah.

2. Yes it’s true. Allah shows it to him every Thursday night.

3. Allah gives him the permission as and when it’s needed.

4. It’s an attribute of Allah and He gives to whomsoever He pleases