1) Is it allowed to love or have affection and attraction towards a person (opposite gender) someone wants to marry (marrying that person is the intention), but that other person doesnt know that he/she loves him/her?

2) Also, if it’s allowed, is it also allowed to ask Allah to make us get married to that specific person?

3) Another Sheikh was talking about this same topic and told that love happens naturally and it’s not something a human can feel or falls on his own. Firstly, is this true? and secondly, if it’s natural, does Allah himself put this love in the heart or is it just a human instinct?

1) Love is not the same as lust. Love exists in the heart and difficult to remove.

2) Hence as long as no lust exists, one can pray to Allah to bring the two together in marriage yes

3) I’m not sure I agree. Yes Allah places it in hearts but people can fall in love themselves