1) Is it compulsory for a convert to Islam to get circumcised? I understand it is for hajj but is it generally compulsory too?
May I also ask, what are the shar’i requirements that must be fulfilled for man to convert to be a shia both in general and if he were to marry a sayyid girl.

2) Must he be circumcised before he converts or can it be done after and can it be done after marriage also or it is a pre requirement?

1) It is obligatory for a Muslim man, born into Islam or converted, to be circumcised in general. There are no shar’i requirements other than to believe in the oneness of God, the messenger Muhammad (sawa) and the other tenets of faith. This is what makes you a Muslim and makes it permissible to marry a Muslim woman, whether she is sayyid or not.

2) It can be done after, but should not be delayed. It is only a requirement for tawaf