1. Is it haram to look at or watch videos of women who are fully covered in hijab or even niqab. If not is it recommended not to do so

2. If a women is fully covered observing either hijab or niqab is it still wajib to lower your gaze

3. What is the ruling on sending videos of fully covered women to brothers without haram entent

4. Is it haram to say a women is attractive/cute

5. Also is it haram to be in group chats or messaging non mahram women even if you are not saying stuff that is 3ayb and you are just talking like friends about life and other things etc

6. And is it halal to talk to non mahrams about Islam

1- It is permissible. If one’s intentions are 100% pure, then it is not even makruh.

2- No it is not wajeb as long as the intentions are pure.

3- If the videos are professional, appropriate and purposeful, and don’t comprise hijab in any way, it’s permissible.

4- Saying that to her could be haram.

5- If it’s strictly professional it is ok

6- It is not haram to talk to them about Islam