1) Is it Haram to recite nafilah prayers aloud?

2) Does it break the fast if we fall asleep with the zyn, a nicotine pouch, in our lip and wake up after fajr with it there?

3) Am I sinful if I let a dog lick me or pet it then purify myself before prayer?

4) Is dog hair impure or just wet dog hair? I read that sistani says all of the dog is najis but does that mean it’s najis only when it’s wet or even if the dog is dry?

1) It’s not haraam to recite nafila loud,

2) No it does not break the fast if you fell asleep with it, but once you realize you have to take it out.

3) You are not sinful if a dog licks you but you become najis and can’t pray with najasa.

4) Dog is najis, if it’s wet and it touches you you become najis.