1) Is it permissible to play games that have lying included? i.e. Playing games that have lying as part of the game or as part of the fun

2) I don't know if you are familiar with a board game called "monopoly".
Recently I found a different edition of the game called "cheaters edition". In this version of the game, it is part of the game to cheat to win. So I was wondering about the permissibility of it? I know that it's bad to cheat in anything, but I was wondering if this is an exception since cheating is part of the game?

1) If there is another party you are playing with like a friend or another real player, not machine, then it is not permissible, otherwise, it is not recommended (makrooh), as it might lead to making it a habit.

2) If you are playing with real people, then it is haram.