1) Is there a difference in doing ghibat (backbiting) and use of bad language in the holy shrine and at home? Would there be any difference if someone uses bad language in the shrine and at home? Wouldn't the punishment be same?

2) Wouldn't the crime be exactly the same? Like, wouldn't God not be pleased in the same manner? Because, at the end of the day, God is everywhere. Wouldn't he judge the person in the same way as any backbiter? My friend says that he can behave badly at home but not at an sacred place. Is this true?

3) should this be used as an excuse to backbite at home?

1) There would be a greater severity if done in a sacred place rather than at home.

2) There is a difference of doing a sin in private then going out in public and sinning openly. The latter is corrupting society which is another sin in itself. If a person drank alcohol at home privately this is a great sin but imagine someone drinking alcohol while at the Holy Kaaba for example. This would be of a greater magnitude.

We have similar in regards to good deeds. If someone prays at home it is good but isn’t it better to pray in vicinity of the Holy Kaaba or one of the shrines of Ahl ul Bayt (as)?

3) No one should make excuses to justify their committing sins