1) Is there any limit to how long a temporary marriage can be?

2) To fulfill her sexual desires can she do a short mutah a few times a year to to satisfy herself?
If no; why? Wasn’t mutah created for the purpose of satisfying ones needs?

3) Can the girl say no to the man if she doesn’t want to consummate?

4) Does she have to ask permission before leaving the house etc?

5) If a child is born, who gets to keep it?

6) Can a woman have a temporary marriage with a Christian/Jew?

1) Yes temporary marriage can be for any fixed period of time,

2) Yes a girl can marry to fulfill her sexual desires

3) Yes the wife can place the condition that there is no consumation

4) No she doesn’t need permission if she is not living with him

5) For a child, it stays with the mother for two years then it’s the husband who has it

6) A Muslim lady cannot marry a non Muslim under any circumstances