1) Is there any tradition in shia literature about third temple being built in place of Al Aqsa mosque or Greater Israel? I coudnt find except for some Christian and unreliable sources. Can you please help

2) Same is with dajal. It’s not in major signs but imam Mahdi and hazrat Essa will kill him. So will he also be after zahoor?

1) I have not seen any hadith in our sources that al-Aqsa mosque will be destroyed and a third temple being built in its place.

2) As for Dajjal, we have very little hadiths about him in Shia literature. We have a hadith that states he will exist until the Mahdi (a) reappears, and then when Jesus (a) comes down he will kill the Dajjal. Another hadith states that Imam Mahdi (a) will kill the Dajjal. So we can conclude that they’ll both kill him